Interstate 15 Business, I-115 to I-15/I-90/I-115/I-90 Bus


AMP: 1

Location: I-115 and Montana St, Butte

After the turn, I-115 begins. Stay straight for 115 west to I-15/I-90.

AMP: 0

Location: I-115 and Excelsior Ave, Butte

Reassurance shield after the Excelsior Ave interchange. 115 does not interchange with 90 east/15 north.

AMP: 0

Location: I-115 and I-15, Butte

Several hundred feet later, we’ll merge onto I-15/I-90 without signage. I-115 and the business loops end.


 N to I-15/I-90/I-90 Bus/MT-2

 W to I-15/I-90/I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus

 E to I-15/I-90/I-15 Bus/MT-2

 S to S-276N to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus/MT-2

 E to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus/MT-2W to S-276

 E to I-15 Bus/I-90 Bus

 E to I-115