Montana Highway 86, I-90 Bus/US-191 to US-89


AMP: 0

Location: Rouse Ave and Main St, Bozeman

No reassurance shield as Montana 86 begins.

AMP: 1

Location: Rouse Ave and Griffin Dr, Bozeman

As we pass under I-90 without interchange to head out of town, stay straight for Montana 86 north.

AMP: 1

Location: MT-86 and Griffin Dr, Bozeman

Reassurance shield after the light as we begin our climb into the mountains.

AMP: 18

Location: MT-86 and Brackett Creek Rd, Gallatin Cty

Several miles later, now in the mountains, we’re told to keep left to stay on 86.

AMP: 27

Location: MT-86 and Flathead Creek Rd, Gallatin Cty

As we come down from the mountains, stay straight for Montana 86. Not sure why this highway is so well arrowed.

AMP: 28

Location: MT-86 and Muddy Creek Rd, Gallatin Cty

A mile or so later, MT-86 curves 90 degrees, so keep right for that curve.

AMP: 37

Location: MT-86 and US-89, Park Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach US-89.

AMP: 37

Location: MT-86 and US-89, Park Cty

Follow 89 south to Wilsall and 89 north to White Sulphur Springs.

 S to I-90/US-191, N to S-294

 E to I-90/US-191, W to US-191/S-570

 N to I-90/I-90 Bus, S to I-90 Bus/S-570