Montana Secondary Highway 286, S-205 to Trident


AMP: 0

Location: S-286 and S-205, Gallatin Cty

Reassurance shield as S-286 begins.

AMP: 1

Location: S-286 and Carpenter Rd, Gallatin Cty

A mile into the route, we’ll enter the Missouri Headwaters State Park. This is where the Madison, Gallatin, and Jefferson Rivers combine to form the mighty Missouri.

AMP: 3

Location: S-286 and Trident Rd, Gallatin Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll leave the state park and enter the abandoned town of Trident. No residential structures remain, but there used to be a company town here.

AMP: 3

Location: S-286 and Logan Rd, Gallatin Cty

Shortly thereafter, the highway comes to an end. Turn right for the Trident cement plant. Turn left for the Logan road.

 W to I-90/MT-2, E to S-346