Montana Secondary Highway 227, S-226 to US-87/US-89/MT-3/MT-200/S-228


AMP: 16

Location: S-227 and S-226, Cascade Cty

No reassurance shield as 227 begins. 227 is unpaved for its first few miles.

AMP: 13

Location: S-227 and Giffen Rd, Cascade Cty

A few miles later, pavement begins!

AMP: 0

Location: S-227 and US-87, Cascade Cty

Several miles after that, 227 will end at a junction with 87/89/3/200. Turn right for 87/89 south and 3/200 east towards Lewistown. Turn left for 87/89 north and 3/200 west towards Great Falls. Stay straight for 228 north towards Fort Benton.

 S to S-331, N to US-89/MT-3/MT-200

 S to S-331, N to US-87

 N to US-87, S to S-331

 W to US-87, E to S-331

 N to S-331 

 S to Eden, N to 55th Avenue South