Montana Highway 3, US-12 to S-238/S-300


AMP: 145

Location: US-12 and MT-3, Golden Valley Cty

Reassurance shield as 3 joins 12. The two routes will concur to Harlowton.

AMP: 130

Location: US-12 and 3rd St, Ryegate

A few miles later, we’ll enter Ryegate, Montana’s smallest county seat.

AMP: 129

Location: US-12 and 2nd St, Ryegate

In Ryegate, we’ll approach S-238 and S-300

AMP: 129

Location: US-12 and 1st St, Ryegate

Turn right for 238 north, which goes all the way to Lewistown via unpaved road. Turn left for 300 south, which spurs to nowhere.


 N to S-297S to I-90 Bus

 E to S-381W to S-297

 N to S-466

 S to Meins Rd

 E to S-381W to S-238/S-300