Interstate 90 Business, I-90/US-87/US-212/MT-47 to S-313


AMP: 2

Location: Crawford Ave and I-90, Hardin

Just after we exit off the freeway, we’re directed to turn left to follow the business loop into town. Stay straight for a local bypass to S-313 that isn’t part of S-313. Turn left for I-90 Business. Montana 47 runs concurrent with I-90 business for the length of this loop.

AMP: 2

Location: 14th St and Crawford St, Hardin

Reassurance shield after the turn.

AMP: 1

Location: Center Ave and 3rd St, Hardin

At old US-87, keep left for I-90 Business and Montana 47, which won’t be signed after this but is still noted in the route logs as part of 47.

AMP: 1

Location: Center Ave and 3rd St, Hardin

Turn right for 313 south. Turn left to stay on 90 Business and heretoforth unsigned Montana 47.

 E to S-384

 S to S-384, N to I-94

 S to Warman Rd

 E to I-90 Bus/MT-47, W to I-94

 S to I-90 Bus/MT-47, N to I-94

 E to I-90 Bus/MT-47W to I-94

 S to S-313N to I-94