Last Updated November 2020

I’ve finished Oregon! It took longer than I expected with Oregon 242 being closed for an extended period of time. I’m happy to have completed this state though. Oregon is really the beginning of the next trend of highway clinching for this website – as I get older and more established in my career, I’m not going to live in all fifty states, so I’m now driving highways in states I don’t have a lot of association with.

And so I’ve driven every mile of state highway in Oregon now – despite never having lived there. This was a more rewarding experience than the 2015 Delaware blitz, in that I allowed myself more time to see and enjoy the state. The Oregon system is pretty small though, and many of the state’s best features aren’t located anywhere near the state highway system. Oregons 78 and 140 are my two favorite routes – great sweeping scenery and a generally fun drive.