U.S. Route 89, ID State Line to UT-30


Location: US-89 and 2150 N, Rich Cty

No reassurance shield as US-89 begins its long trek through Utah.

Location: US-89 and 785 N, Garden City

A few miles later, we’ll enter Garden City.

Location: US-89 and 75 N, Garden City

In Garden City, we’ll approach Utah 30.

Location: US-89 and 75 N, Garden City

Follow 89 south to Logan. Take 30 west for Laketown.

Location: US-89 and Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City

Stay straight for Utah 30 west. Turn right for US-89 south. In a fair world, SR-30 would concur with US-89 to Logan, where it actually does resume. Utah is stupid about concurrencies though, so it’s a straight up physical gap at this point. Utah doesn’t even continuously milepost over the hidden concurrencies- the mileposts will resume where they left off in Logan.

 S to UT-243, N to ID-36

 E to UT-16