Utah State Route 126, SR-39 to SR-134


Location: S 1900 W and W 1200 S, Marriott-Slaterville

Reassurance shield after the W 1200 S/SR-39 junction.

Location: N 1900 W and W 400 N, Marriott-Slaterville

A mile or so later, turn right to follow a local road to I-15/84.

Location: N 2000 W and W 900 N, Farr West

A few blocks later, we’ll enter Farr West as the street name adjusts to reflect the highway curving slightly to the west over the last few miles.

Location: N 2000 W and W 2700 N, Farr West

For whatever reason SR-134 is unsigned as we approach it. Follow 134 east to I-15/84. The highway very much still exists as of January 2015- it’s possible they were changing to the new beehives when I drove through.

 Location: N 2000 W and W 2700 N, Farr West

Follow 134 east to Pleasant View and North Ogden, 134 west to Plain View, and 126 north to Brigham City.

 N to I-15/I-84, S to SR-104

 E to I-15/I-84, W to SR-39

E to I-15/I-84, W to SR-134