U.S. Route 287, US-20 to Yellowstone National Park (TO US-14/US-16/US-20/US-89/US-191/US-212)


AMP: 0

Location: Canyon St and Firehole Ave, W. Yellowstone

Reassurance shield after the junction

AMP: 0

Location: Canyon St and Yellowstone Ave, W. Yellowstone

Turn left here for the three routes into Yellowstone.

AMP: 0

Location: Yellowstone Ave at Yellowstone National Park, W. Yellowstone

The routes end here at the entrance to Yellowstone. All three routes here will spit back out in Wyoming, with 20 coming out the east side toward Cody and 191/287 on the south side near Grand Teton NP/Jackson

 N to US-191

 W to ID State Line

 N to US-287

Yellowstone National Park Access

North (Montana) Exit

 N to MT S-571

 E to WY State Line

East (Wyoming) Exit

 E to WYO 291

 E to WYO 291

 E to WYO 291

South (Wyoming) Exit

 S to US-26/US-287

 S to US-26/US-287

 S to US-26/US-89/US-191

North on US-287

 E to Yellowstone National Park (TO US-14/US-16/US-89/US-191/US-212/US-287), W to ID State Line