U.S. Route 80, TX-FM3272 to TX-485 Loop


Location: US-80 and White Oak Rd, White Oak

Reassurance shield after the 3272 junction.

Location: US-80 and Sun Camp Rd, Clarksville City

About a mile later, we’ll enter Clarksville City

Location: US-80 and Texas St, Gladewater

A mile after that, we’ll enter Gladewater.

Location: US-80 and Loop 485, Gladewater

Reassurance shield randomly as we approach the Loop 485 junction.

Location: US-80 and Loop 485, Gladewater

Turn right for 485 north to US 271 and left for 485 south to US 271. 485 serves as a truck relief route for 271 traffic around the east side of town.

 W to US-271, E to TX-42

 N to US-271, S to US-271

 N to TX-FM2275