U.S. Route 287, S-518 to S-284


AMP: 49

Location: US 12 and Lane Ave, East Helena

Reassurance shield after 518 as we head out of East Helena

AMP: 55

Location: US-12 and S-284, Jefferson Cty

A few miles later, we’ll enter Jefferson County and approach S-284

AMP: 55

Location: US 12 and S-284, Jefferson Cty

Turn left for 284. 284 heads up to the Canyon Ferry Dam and then loops around the east side of that reservoir, meeting back up with 12 east of Townsend.

 S to US-12, N to I-15/I-15 Bus/US-12

 E to US-287, W to I-15/I-15 Bus/US-287

 E to S-430

 S to I-15/S-282