U.S. Route 287, S-279/S-453 to I-15 Bus


AMP: 199

Location: I-15 and Lincoln Rd, Lewis and Clark Cty

Reassurance shield after the Lincoln Rd interchange

AMP: 193

Location: I-15 and Custer Ave, Helena

As we enter Helena, we’ll approach I-15 Business

AMP: 193

Location: I-15 and Cedar St, Helena

Exit for I-15 Business. US 12 and the 287 split are coming up in a mile, as well as the rejoining of the business loop.

 S to I-15/I-15 Bus/US-12, N to S-434

 S to I-15 Bus/US-12/US-287, N to S-434

 S to S-229

 N to S-229

 E to Hauser Dam Rd