U.S. Route 287, I-15 to S-434


AMP: 227

Location:  I-15 and US-287, Lewis and Clark Cty

Reassurance shield as 287 joins the interstate

AMP: 227

Location: I-15 and Wolf Creek Rd, Lewis and Clark Cty

1 mile to junction S-434

AMP: 226

Location: I-15 and S-434, Lewis and Clark Cty

Exit for 434, which heads north back up to where 287 and 200 intersected. It could be an old alignment of 287, but I’m not certain of that.

 S to S-279/S-453, N to MT-200

 S to S-279/S-453, N to MT-68

 N to MT-200

 S to S-434, N to MT-68