U.S. Route 380, TX-373 Loop to TX-101/TX-114


Location: US-380 and 9th St, Bridgeport

A few blocks after Loop 373, we’ll approach Highways 101 and 114.

Location: US-380 and SH 114, Bridgeport

At the junction, stay straight for 380/114 west to Jacksboro. Turn left for 114 east towards Rhome. Turning right for SH 101 goes to Chico.

Location: US-380 and SH 114, Decatur

Turn right for 101 north and left for 114 east. Stay straight for 380/114 west. The two routes concur to Jacksboro.

 W to TX-FM1658, E to TX-FM1655

 N to TX-101 Bus/TX-FM1810

 W to TX-FM1658, E to TX-FM1658

 S to TX-114