Montana Secondary Highway 320, US-12 to Ismay


AMP: 0

Location: S-320 and US-12, Fallon Cty

No reassurance shield as the highway begins. 320 is a quick spur up to Ismay.

AMP: 4

Location :S-320 at the Fallon County Line, Custer Cty

As we enter Custer County, the road picks up the CR 351 designation

AMP: 6

Location: Main St and 6th St, Ismay

S-320 ends here in Ismay at the Joe Montana Center. Ismay renamed itself “Joe” for a couple years in the 90s in order to get a new fire truck. The renaming was such a success they were able to build this community center, as well.

 E to S-494, W to I-94/I-94 Bus