Montana Secondary Highway 346, S-205 to S-290


AMP: 0

Location: Broadway St and Main St, Manhattan

Reassurance shield after the 205 junction

AMP: 0

Location: Broadway St and Railroad Ave, Manhattan

A block later, 346 turns right

AMP: 0

Location: Railroad St and 5th St, Manhattan

A block after turning right, 346 turns left to start to head out of town

AMP: 7

Location: S-346 and S-290, Dry Creek, Gallatin Cty

Several miles later, we’ll come to an odd sort of junction in the little village of Dry Creek. Stay straight, which is turning right, for S-290 south towards Belgrade. Turn left for 290 north up towards 16 Mile Creek.

 S to I-90/S-288

 S to S-205, N to 16 Mile Creek

 W to S-286, E to S-290