U.S. Route 371, US-67 to AR-53/AR-299


Location: US-371 and 1st St, Prescott

Reassurance shield after the 67 split as we prepare to loop over US-67 and the railroad tracks.

Location: Rosston Rd and Sherwood Blvd, Prescott

Reassurance shield as we get back down on the ground and continue heading south.

Location:  US-371 and Joyce St, Nevada Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Prescott.

Location: US-371 and CR 259, Nevada Cty

Turn left for CR 259.

Location: US-371 and CR 260, Nevada Cty

Turn left for CR 260.

Location: US-371 and CR 28, Nevada Cty

Turn left for CR 28.

Location: US 371 and CR 51, Nevada Cty

A few feet later, turn right for CR 51.

Location: US-371 and Hwy 53, Nevada Cty

A couple miles later, we’ll approach highways 53 and 299. Follow 299 north to Emmet. Stay on 371 for Rosston.

Location: US-371 and AR-53, Nevada Cty

Turn right for 299 north and 53 south. The two highways split about 500 feet west of here. Arkansas 299 south will join US 371 for the next mile.

S to AR-299, N to US-67/AR-24

S to AR-299

S to US-371, N to AR-53

N to US-371/AR-24, S to US-371