U.S. Route 371, AR-19 to US-67/AR-24


Location: Main St and Greenlawn St, Prescott

Reassurance shield after the turn.

Location: Main St and 3rd St, Prescott

A few blocks later, we’ll approach US 67 and Arkansas 24. Turn right for US-67/371 south towards Magnolia. Stay straight for 24 east towards Bluff City. Turn left for US-67 north.

Location: Main St and 2nd St, Prescott

1 more block until the junction though, so stay straight for now.

Location: Main St and 1st St, Prescott

Turn right for 67/371 south. Turn left for 67 north. Stay straight for 24 east.

S to US-67, N to AR-200

N to AR-51, S to US-371

E to AR-53

N to AR-200