U.S. Route 371, US-278 to AR-980


Location: US-278 and US-371, Howard Cty

Reassurance shield as 371 joins 278. The two routes concur into Nashville, which is just over that hill.

Location: Sunset Ave and Gary St, Nashville

Less than a mile later, we’ll enter the town of Nashville

Location: Sunset Ave and 4th St, Nashville

A few blocks into Nashville, 278/371 will make a hard right.

Location: 4th St and Bishop St, Nashville

Two blocks later, 278/371 will turn left to continue heading east.

Location: Bishop St and 2nd St, Nashville

At the light, we’ll approach Airport 980, which heads up to the Nashville Airport. All airport highways in Arkansas are Highway 980.

Location: Bishop St and Main St, Nashville

Turn right for downtown Nashville. Turn left for Airport 980. At 3.6 miles, this is the longest Airport 980 in all of Arkansas.

S to US-278/AR-27, N to AR-355

E to US-371/AR-27, W to AR-355

N to Nashville Airport

E to AR-980, W to AR-355