Oklahoma State Highway 3, OK-43 to US-75


Location: Broadway St and Cherry Ave, Coalgate

Reassurance shield after SH-43.

Location: US-75 and Baseline Rd, Phillips

Two miles later, we’ll enter the little town of Phillips.

Location: US-75 and Greathouse Dr, Atoka

A few miles later, we’ll enter Atoka and approach the SH-3 split. It’s debatable which route 3 follows through Atoka- historically it followed US-75 through town, but in recent years (possibly since 2010, when I passed through here on US 75) it appears to have been realigned to this routing.

Location: US-75 and Greathouse Rd, Atoka

Follow US-75 to US-69. Take SH-3 towards Antlers and Wapanucka.

Location: US-75 and Greathouse Rd,  Atoka

Turn left for 3 east. Stay straight for 75 south and possibly also 3 east.

E to OK-7, W to OK-31

N to OK-31, S to US-69

N to OK-43, S to US-69

E to US-69