U.S. Route 77, KS State Line to SH-11


Location: Main St and Third St, Newkirk

A few miles into Oklahoma and we’ll enter Newkirk and get another reassurance shield.

Location: Main St and 7th St, Newkirk

Reassurance shield in downtown Newkirk.

Location: Main St and 11th St, Newkirk

On the south side of town, US-77 will briefly turn to the west.

Location: Main St and South St, Newkirk

Keep right to stay on US 77

Location: South St and US-77, Newkirk

77 heads west along the south edge of the city limits for a few blocks before it will prepare to turn left to continue south out of town.

Location: South St and US-77, Newkirk

Turn left to follow US 77 out of town.

Location: US-77 and South St, Kay Cty

Reassurance shield as the divided highway begins and we head out of town. 77 is four lanes from here all the way to Tonkawa.

Location: US-77 and SH-11, Kay Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach SH-11. Turn left for a local road into Kildare. Keep right for 11 west to Blackwell. Stay straight for 77 south and 11 east towards Ponca.

Location: US-77 and SH-11, Kay Cty

Keep right for 11 west. Stay straight for 11 east and 77 south.

S to OK-11, N to US-166

W to US-177, E to US-77