State Route 231, US-2 to US-2


MP: US-2/261.24

Location: US-2 and SR 231, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield omitting mention of SR 231

MP: US-2/263.71

Location: W Broadway and Maple St, Reardan

SR 231 north will split off in the middle of downtown Reardan

MP: US-2/263.93

Location: W Broadway and Aspen St, Reardan

SR 231 turns and heads north, going clear up to US-395. It’s probably the fastest way to get to Colville/Kettle Falls from here

N to SR 291, S to SR 23

E to I-90/US-395, W to SR 25

E to I-90/US-395, W to SR 231

E to SR 231, W to SR 25