U.S. Route 395, I-90 to SR 291


MP: US-2/287.21

Location: S Division St and W Riverside Ave, Spokane

Stay in the right two lanes to stay on 2/395 as it passes through downtown Spokane. The left lane turns into a turn only lane in a few blocks

MP: US-2/287.73

Location: N Ruby St and N Division St, Spokane

Reassurance shield after we cross the Spokane River. Note the odd formatting common when Washington tries to make one piece reassurance shields for multiple routes

MP: 290.85

Location: N Division St and W Joseph Ave, Spokane

Hidden in the trees is a sign for the upcoming junction with SR 291, which heads north and west through Tum Tum to SR 231

MP: 291.18

Location: N Division St and Francis St, Spokane

Junction SR 291 which is unsigned here. Turn left to continue on it

N to US-2, S to US-195

E to US-395, W to US-195

N to SR 231

E to SR 290, W to US-195