State Route 7, SR 704 to SR 507


Last Driven September 2017

MP: 48.28

Location: Cross-Base Hwy and SR 7, Spanaway

 No reassurance shield after the 704 junction.

(Historic Photo: March 2007)

MP: 47.88

Location: 184th St S and Pacific Ave, Spanaway

1/2 mile to the SR 507 intersection, the locally known “Roy Wye,” being a Wye interchange leading to Roy

(Historic Photo: March 2007)

MP: 47.62

Location: SR 507 and Pacific Ave S, Spanaway

SR 507 bares right, heads to Centralia on a very nice route, and we continue south to Mt. Rainier and Morton

 S to SR 702, N to SR 512

 S to SR 702

 W to Spanaway Loop Rd