Arkansas Highway 7, US-82/AR-15 to US-82B/US-167B


Location: US-63 and US-82, El Dorado

Just after the 82/15 junction, we’ll approach 167 Business and 82 Business

Location: US-63 and US-82, El Dorado

Reassurance shield after the 82 junction

Location: US-63 and Junction City Rd, El Dorado

Exit for 167B and 82B. 63 doesn’t get a loop because it splits northeast in about a mile. 167B will rejoin on the north end of town, following 82B into downtown.

N to US-63S to US-63/US-167

N to US-167/AR-7, S to AR-7

N to US-63S to AR-7

E to US-82, W to US-167B

N to US-82B

E to US-82B, W to AR-15

S to US-82