State Route 189, I-19 to MX-15/SON Int’l Boundary


AMP: 2

Location: SR 189 and Industrial Park Dr, Nogales

Reassurance shield a couple blocks after I-19. Weird choice in direction, since we’re headed south, the route is supposed to serve Mexico which is generally though of as “south,” and the route is an odd number.

AMP: 0

Location: SR 189 at the Mexican Border, La Paz Cty

SR 189 ends here- the border is where those trucks are. This is the last place one can turn around with the construction- the message sign reads “Mexico ONLY” but alas that’s not visible here. The road transitions into Federal Highway 15(D), which heads all the way to Mexico city. The majority of it is tolled.

N to I-19 Bus

S to SON-43

N to I-19 BusS to I-19 Bus