U.S. Route 85, US-64 to I-25 Bus/US-64


Location: I-25 and US-64, Colfax Cty

Reassurance shield as US-64 joins I-25. 85 is still unsigned, of course.

Location: I-25 and 2nd St, Raton

A couple miles later, we’ll enter Raton and approach the Raton business loop. Exit for I-25 Business north and US-64 east, whose split isn’t signed because we’ll intersect it again at the next exit.

N to US-64/US-87, S to NM-445

S to NM-445, N to US-64/US-87

E to NM-555, W to NM-445

N to NM-555

E to NM-555, W to I-25/US-85

E to I-25/I-25 Bus/US-85, W to NM-445