U.S. Route 87, TX-217 to TX-FM1714


Location: 23rd St and 4th Ave, Canyon

Reassurance shield after the SH 217 junction

Location: 23rd St and 7th Ave, Canyon

Reassurance shield a few blocks later

Location: US-87 and CR 628, Randall Cty

Reassurance shield as 87 widens back to divided highway as we head out of Canyon. The JCT FM 1714 shield is in the distance, but I missed it.

Location: US-87 and FM 1714, Randall Cty

Turn right for 1714 West, stay straight for US-87 South

S to TX-FM285, N to TX-48 Spur

W to TX-FM1705

E to TX-48 Spur, W to US-60