Interstate 80 Business, SR 160 to I-80/SR 51/SR 244


APM: 4

Location: Capital City Fwy and Arden Way, Sacramento

After the SR 160 exit we’re 1.5 miles from I-80.

APM: 7

Location: Capital City Fwy and Auburn Blvd, Sacramento

Reassurance shield just before we merge onto mainline I-80. There is no access to I-80 west from here. I-80 Business and SR 51 end.

 W to I-305/US-50/SR 51/SR 99

 W to I-305/I-80 Bus/US-50/SR 99

 E to SR 65, W to I-5/SR 99

 W to SR 160

 E to Auburn Blvd

 S to American River