Illinois Route 111, US-67 to IL-3


Location: Godfrey Rd and Martin Luther King Rd, Godfrey

Reassurance shield as 111 splits from 67.

Location: Godfrey Rd and Keller St, Godfrey

A couple blocks later, we’ll approach Route 3.

Location: Godfrey Rd and Adams Pkwy, Godfrey

Follow 3/111 south to Wood River and 3 north to Grafton.

Location; Godfrey Rd and Adams Pkwy, Godfrey

Turn left for 3/111 south and right for 3 north.

 S to IL-3/IL-140, N to US-67/IL-267

 S to IL-111/IL-140, N to IL-109

 N to IL-111, S to IL-100