Delaware Route 1, DE 1A to DE 26


Location: Coastal Hwy and Beach Ave, Sussex Cty

No reassurance shield immediately after DE 1A, but a few blocks later we’ll head out of town and be happy we’re not trying to head into town, because that’s an ugly traffic jam.

Location: Coastal Hwy and Inlet Rd, Sussex Cty

We’re squarely out on Delaware’s barrier islands now, and we’ll get another reassurance shield as we pass through Delaware Seashore State Park.

Location: Coastal Hwy and Turn Point Rd, Sussex Cty

Just after that, we’ll cross this bridge out of the park and into the Bethanies.

Location: Coastal Hwy and Dune Rd, Sussex Cty

Reassurance shield as we near Bethany Beach.

Location: Coastal Hwy and Garfield Pkwy, Bethany Beach

As we enter Bethany Beach, we’ll approach DE 26. Turn right for DE 26 west. Turn left for DE 26 east, which isn’t signed, but does exist for a couple blocks. Stay straight for DE 1 south.

 S to DE 54, N to DE 1B

 W to DE 54 Alt, E to Bethany Beach Boardwalk

 N to DE 1B