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Back in 2007, as a college freshman free from the chains of home, with a love of highways and a car that needed driving, I embarked to drive every mile of state highway in Washington. At that point, a monster was born. In 2009 I moved to Wyoming and clinched that system. In 2011 I moved to Arizona and clinched that system. In 2013, I moved to Montana and finally clinched the Idaho system in 2014. While doing all that, I managed to drive and photograph at least a little bit in most of these United States. I’m currently working on driving the Montana highway system. Montana is a bit of a daunting system, lots of unpaved secondaries over a massive state, but it’s a journey that I am enjoying taking.

I had looked at driving the Alberta, British Columbia, and Northwest Territories systems as well, but as I suspected, that has turned out to be more than I can chew. I’ve only been to Canada twice since I said that, and it’s kind of a hassle to get up there. I will probably still do the Northwest Territories at some point, because that’d be awesome and it’s not that much, but I’d be surprised if I ever drive the entire Alberta highway system. Once I finish up Montana, I will probably continue onto Utah as my state of focus.

I currently have a couple year backlog on getting things posted. I focus on getting Montana stuff up immediately, and then things go in reverse order by state. Since it’s winter here in Montana, I’m really trying to get caught up. I’m finally through 2012 stuff.