It's 2020 now, so time to finally move to a mobile friendly site design! I'm hoping to complete this migration by February 15th. There will be some changes happening along the way:

1. I'll be using the Oregon pages to test and update the new mobile-friendly design before rolling out to the broader site. There may be site outages on Oregon-related content in the meantime.

2. For those of you who have been reading for a while (since before 2012), you may remember that Corco Highways was once four separate websites. I'm finally working to merge all four sites and databases into one. This means some URLs WILL BECOME DEPRECATED. I will make an effort to redirect all old URLs to the state main pages, but please be advised that some links may no longer work. 


Welcome to Corcohighways.org.

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Welcome to Corcohighways.org, a one-man show dedicated to driving and photographing as many of the nation’s highways as possible.

Back in 2007, as a college freshman with a love of highways and a car that needed driving, I embarked to drive every mile of state highway in Washington. At that point, a monster was born. In 2009 I moved to Wyoming and clinched that system. In 2011 I moved to Arizona and clinched that system. In 2013, I moved to Montana and finally clinched the Idaho system in 2014. In 2015, I went to Delaware just to clinch that highway system. In 2016, I finished Montana and moved to Idaho, allowing me to get started on Oregon. In 2018, I finished Oregon while also working on California and Nevada. While doing all that, I managed to drive and photograph at least a little bit in most of these United States.

As of October 2018, I’ve finally finished Oregon. I started on California and Nevada in earnest in October 2017 and am well underway and on track to finish those states by 2020.