State Route 231, SR 292 to US-395


MP: 62.18

Location: N Main St and  W Shaffer Ave, Springdale

Just after the SR 292 junction SR 231 turns left to wind its way through Springdale. Note the non-standard font.

MP: 63.12

Location: SR 231 and Springdale-Hunters Rd, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield as we head out of Springdale, past a road that heads to Hunters and SR 25

MP: 70.33

Location: SR 231 and Bulldog Creek Rd, Stevens Cty

It’s best to turn right here to drive down a one mile spur to get to US-395 south. Until 1992 this road was SR 232.

MP: 74.94

Location: SR 231 and US-395, Stevens Cty

Junction US 395 and the northern terminus of SR 231 coming up

MP: 75.16

Location: SR 231 and US-395, Stevens Cty

SR 231 ends at this junction with US-395, which serves as the main north-south corridor between Spokane and Colville

S to SR 291

N to SR 20, S to SR 292

E to US-395