U.S. Route 395, SR 20 to BC-395/BC International Boundary


MP: 241.89

Location: US-395 and SR 20, Ferry Cty

It lies! They recently opened up SR 25 for 24 hour border access which makes life way nicer

MP: 242.08

Location: US-395 and SR 20, Ferry Cty

Directionless reassurer after the 20 split

MP: 253.08

Location: US-395 and Barstow Bridge Rd, Barstow, Ferry Cty

Reassurance shield after a bridge over the Kettle River

MP: 257.62

Location: US-395 and Boulder Creek Rd, Ferry Cty

Turn left to take NFD-61 to SR 21 in Curlew

MP: 260.34

Location: US-395 and Main St, Orient

Reassurance shield as we pass Orient. This is the last shield before the border.


Location: US-395 at the Canadian Border, Laurier, Ferry Cty

Extra picture from a southbound perspective as this is a very weird speed limit sign. Speed limit 88 km/h- usually they just round it to 90 or even 85

S to SR 25

N to BC-3

E to SR 25, W to SR 21