U.S. Route 395, SR 25 to SR 20


MP: 239.28

Location: US-395 and SR 25, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield as we pass SR 25

MP: 239.44

Location: US-395 and SR 25, Stevens Cty

3 miles until SR 20 splits and US-395 runs for the border

MP: 241.37

Location: US-395 and Old Kettle Rd, Stevens Cty

395 and 20 will cross the Columbia River into Ferry County together and then split

MP: 241.88

Location: US-395 and SR 20, Ferry Cty

Turn right for 395 north to CANADA! and left for 20 east to Port Townsend

N to BC-395/BC International Boundary, S to SR 20

E to US-395, W to SR 21

E to SR 25, W to SR 21

S to US-2,  N to BC-22/BC International Boundary