U.S. Route 395, SR 292 to SR 231


MP: 190.65

Location: US-395 and Gardenspot Rd, Loon Lake, Stevens Cty

Directionless reassurance shield as we pass SR 292. Directionless reassurers are quite common in Stevens County

MP: 198.62

Location: US-395 and Bull Dog Creek Rd, Stevens Cty

Reassurance shield after what was SR 232 in another life, heading east to SR 231

MP: 201.89

Location: US-395 and SR 231, Stevens Cty

Junction SR 231 coming up in half a mile, a long road through nowhere

MP: 202.37

Location: US-395 and SR 231, Stevens Cty

Turn left for SR 231 which heads south through Springdale to Reardan, Sprague, and I-90 (via SR 23)

N to SR 20, S to US-2

S to SR 292

E to SR 231