State Route 165, SR 162 to Lake Mowich (Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park)


MP: 16.54

Location: Church St and Ash St, Wilkeson

Reassurance shield as we exit the surprisingly nice little town of Wilkeson

MP: 14.39

Location: Mowich Lake Rd and Pershing Ave, Carbonado

Reassurance shield after passing by Carbonado

MP: 10.91

Location: Mowich Lake Rd and Carbon Lake Rd, Pierce Cty

Bear right for Mowich Lake, bear left for Carbon lake. SR 165 heads to Mowich Lake

MP: 9.82

Location: Mowich Lake Rd, Pierce Cty

SR 165 turns to gravel for its final 9 miles up to the national park boundary. This is the only stretch of unpaved mileage in the state highway system

MP: .01

Location: Mowich Lake Rd at Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park, Pierce Cty

SR 165 ends at Mt. Rainier National Park

MP: 0

Location: Mowich Lake Rd at Mt. Rainier Natl’ Park, Pierce Cty

The fancy sign, Mowich Lake Rd continues to Mowich Lake but state maintenance and SR 165 end here

N to SR 410

W to SR 410