State Route 17, US-395 to SR 260


MP: 7.58

Location: SR 17 and US-395, Mesa

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route

MP: 8.78

Location: SR 17 and Manton Way

Reassurance shield as we head out of the little town of Mesa

MP: 10.04

Location: SR 17 and Rd 170, Franklin Cty

Reassurance shield after a semi-important county road that heads to unincorporated Basin City

MP: 14.2

Location: SR 17 and SR 260, Franklin Cty

Junction SR 260 coming up. This is the western terminus of the highway that mainly exists to serve the Kahlotus area farmlands and the Connell penitentary

MP: 14.64

Location: SR 17 and SR 260, Franklin Cty

Turn right for SR 260 east

N to SR 26

E to US-395

N to SR 260, S to I-182/US-12/SR 397