State Route 23, SR 231 to SR 28


MP: 44.37

Location: SR 23 and SR 231, Lincoln Cty

Reassurance shield after the SR 231 junction

MP: 45.62

Location: SR 23 and Ringwood Rd, Lincoln Cty

Reminder to turn left and not attempt to go straight on Ringwood Rd, despite clear pavement markings

MP: 49.82

Location: SR 23 and Gaffney Rd, Lincoln Cty

These people must think we are retarded. This sign reminds us not to turn right to go up the hill. I like it

MP: 65.53

Location: E Sherlock St and S 3rd St, Harrington

SR 23 turns right upon entering the surprisingly charming little town of Harrington and heads north towards the SR 28 junction

MP: 65.87

Location: 3rd St and Linden St, Harrington

JCT SR 28 coming up in 800 feet. 28 is the main east west highway between I-90 and US-2

MP: 66

Location: SR 23 and SR 28, Harrington

Turn right for SR 28 east, left for SR 28 west

S to I-90/US-395

W to SR 21, E to US-2

N to US-2