U.S. Route 395, SR 240 to I-182/US-12


Last Driven May 2018

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 18.74

Location: US 395 and SR 240, Kennewick

Immediately after passing SR 240 we cross the Columbia River, soon heading into Pasco. I-182 will come up in 3/4 of a mile

MP: 19

Location: US 395 and Lewis St, Pasco

Welcome to Pasco!

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 20

Location: US 395 and Court St, Pasco

JCT I-182 coming up. I-182 and US 12 run concurrent already, and northbound 395 will join eastbound 182/12 for an exit. When they updated this sign, it appears they just pasted over the old shields and didn’t replace the rest of the sign.

(Historic Photo: July 2008)

MP: 20.35

Location: US 395 and I-182, Pasco

Keep straight for I-182 west, bear right for 182 east. US 395 will join 182 east

N to I-182/US-12/SR 397, S to I-82

E to US-395/SR 397, W to SR 240

E to US-395/SR 397, W to SR 240

W to I-182/US-12