Interstate 82, US-12 to SR 24


Last Driven July 2019

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 31.76

Location: US-12 and I-82, Yakima

Three-sided reassurance shield. A rare well done effort by WSDOT. I still prefer neighboring ITD and ODOT’s method of signing US Highways with interstates, but this is something.

MP: 33.22

Location: Terrace Hts Wy and I-82, Yakima

US-97 will split from this three headed monster in 5 miles

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 33.86

Location: Terrace Heights Way and I-82, Yakima

3-way reassurance shield before the SR 24 junction

MP: 33.92

Location: E Nob Hill Blvd and I-82, Yakima

Pardon the cut-off sign. I was driving a weighted down Jeep Wrangler with all my possessions in it at the time of photograph. Photography was important, but secondary. 1/2 mile to SR 24

MP: 34.4

Location: Nob Hill Rd and I-82, Yakima

SR 24 exits

E to US-97, W to SR 823

E to US-97, W to SR 410

N to SR 823, S to I-82/US-12

W to SR 241

E to SR 24, W to SR 410