State Route 14, US-197 to SR 142


MP: 76.92

Location: SR 14, Klickitat Cty

SR 14 heads under two of these tunnels carved into the rock. Speed limit decreases to 40 MPH in this segment, but the tunnels are really cool


MP: 76.65

Location: State St and Washington St, Lyle

JCT SR 142 coming up in 3/4 of a mile. SR 142 is an incredibly gnarly road that winds through Klickitat and Wahkiacus back to US-97 in Goldendale


MP: 76.04

Location: State St and Third St, Lyle

As we pass through downtown Lyle we get to JCT SR 142 on the west end of town


MP: 75.92

Location: State St and SR 142, Lyle

Turn right for SR 142, straight for SR 14



W to SR 141, E to US-97

E to US-97

S to OR State Line