U.S. Route 97, SR 821 to SR 821


MP: I-82/25.95

Location: I-82 and Firing Center Rd, Selah

Reassurance shield after the SR 821 interchange. RIDOT style sign for I-82

MP: I-82/12.33

Location: I-82 and Military Rd, Kittitas Cty

11 miles to JCT I-90, but there are 12.33 miles until I-82/US-97 actually gets to I-90. So that’s weird.

MP: I-82/5.3

Location: I-82 and Thrall Rd, Ellensburg

SR 821 will exit in two miles as we descend into the Ellensburg valley

MP: I-82/3.22

Location:  I-82 and Thrall Rd, Ellensburg

SR 821 exits, heads south along the Yakima river back to Selah

N to I-82/I-90, S to SR 823

E to SR 823, W to I-90/US-97

S to SR 823

N to SR 823