State Route 215, US-97/SR 20 to SR 155 SPUR


MP: 6.22

Location: Riverside Dr and US-97, Omak

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route. Note that the unofficial 97 Business is signed more prominently. Business routes do not officially exist in Washington State and in this case it follows SR 215 for its entire length in order to keep it as a state highway


MP: 6.04

Location: Riverside Dr and Pine St, Omak

A BUS-97 reassurance shield on this very well signed route


MP: 5.81

Location: Riverside Dr and Grape Ave E, Omak

This time we get signage for SR 215


MP: 5.41

Location: Riverside Dr and Main St N, Omak

SR 215 turns south. As is common in the north central administrative region, the directional is omitted on the LGS turn sign


MP: 5.2

Location: Main St N and Bartlett Ave E

JCT SR 155 coming up, although it’s really SR 155 spur which heads over the Okanogan River to JCT SR 155 less than a mile away


MP: 5.06

Location: Main St N and Omak Ave, Omak

Turn left to take SR 155 SPUR south to SR 155, continue straight to head to Okanogan and JCT SR 20 which heads right to 97.


S to SR 20

S to SR 155

N to SR 20, S to SR 155

E to US-97, W to SR 155