Interstate 90, SR 281 to SR 281 SPUR


MP: 149.78

Location: I-90 & SR 281, George

SR 283 exits here in a mile. But Wait! It’s not SR 283! It’s SR 281 SPUR. This exit spurs back to SR 281, and on its way it meets the southern terminus of SR 283. Due to the fact that SR 281 just exited, they probably felt uncomfortable signing this as SR 281 as well.

MP: 150.16

Location: George, WA

New reassurance shield, but they put the direction on the bottom for some reason. Weirdos.

MP: 151.3

Location: I-82 and SR 821 SPUR, George

SR 281 SPUR exits, and will very quickly meet SR 283

E to SR 171, W to SR 26

N to SR 283

N to SR 281 SPUR