State Route 20, Port Townsend Ferry Terminal to Keystone Ferry Terminal


as this is a ferry route, there are no mileposts available, so just enjoy the photos.

For ferry information, it’s hard to beat this website, and I encourage you to use it for your ferry information needs.


Sitting on the ferry deck in Port Townsend, the M/V Klickitat in the distance (1)


The M/V Klickitat. This series of ferries, the Steel Electric class, were built in 1927. Originally owned by the city of San Francisco, it served the Oakland-San Francisco route before construction of the Bay Bridge. The hull of the Klickitat was not redone as extensively as other Steel Electric boats. (2)


The M/V Nisqually coming up in the distance. (3)


As we enter the car deck of the Nisqually. (4)


A few shots of beautiful Port Townsend as we sail away. (5 , 7)


The Port Townsend Dock (6 , 8)


The Keystone Dock (9)


The inside of the car deck on the Nisqually (10)


MP: 12.92

Location: Keystone Ferry Terminal at Engle Rd, Island Cty

As we leave the ferry dock, we can turn right for SR 20 East to SR 525

E to SR 525, W to SR 19