Interstate 5, SR 523 to SR 104


Last Driven June 2019

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 175.96

Location: I-5 and NE 175th St, Shoreline

1.5 miles to JCT SR 104, a US-101 daughter highway that got lost out here with help with some ferries.

MP: 176.47

Location: I-5 and NE 205th St, Shoreline

WSDOT seems to be removing, rather than replacing, standalone reassurance shields in this area.


MP: 176.72

Location: I-5 and NE 205th St, Shoreline

Follow SR 104 west for the Kingston ferry, obviously

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 177

Location: I-5 and Ballinger Way NE, Shoreline

SR 104 will exit, taking a lane with it

MP: 177.2

Location: Ballinger Way NE and I-5, Shoreline

SR 104 exits

N to SR 524 SPUR, S to SR 522

E to SR 522, W to SR 99

N to SR 99, S to SR 522