State Route 161, SR 18 to SR 167


MP:  34.93

Location: S 348th St and Enchanted Pkwy S

Reassurance shield after the junction with SR 18


MP: 32.54

Location: 31st Ave S and E Meridian, Edgewood

Reassurance shield as we enter Pierce Cty


MP: 28.8

Location:  Valley Ave E and N Meridian, Puyallup

Trucks encouraged to take SR 161 around town (via SR 167 and SR 512)


MP: 28.74

Location: N Meridian and SR 167, Puyallup

SR 161 will turn left and join SR 167 for a while, forming a wrong way multiplex. It will quickly spur off and join SR 512


S to SR 167/SR 512

N to SR 161/SR 512, S to I-5

W to SR 99, E to I-5