U.S. Route 395, SR 14 to SR 397


Last Driven May 2018

MP: I-82/129.54

Location: I-82 and SR 14, Benton Cty

I’ve commented before that signing highways as green highways is really just stupid hypocritical PR as the signage does nothing to help the cause as the signs are certainly not environmentally friendly

(Historic Photos: May 2008, May 2014)

MP: I-82/122.13

Location: I-82 and Coffin Rd, Benton Cty

Reassurance shield after Coffin Road.

AMP: I-82/115.43

Location: I-82 and SR 397, Benton Cty

A few miles later, we’ll approach Washington’s newest state highway alignment. SR 397 was extended from the Finley area to here in 2009.


(Historic Photo: May 2014)

AMP: I-82/114.61

Location: I-82 and SR 397, Benton Cty

Exit for 397, which heads to Pasco via the Finley Industrial Complex. It is probably not a viable bypass of the Tri-Cities- I-182 is better for that.

 N to I-82S to OR State Line

 E to OR State Line, W to US-395

 N to I-182/US-12/US-395

 W to SR 221